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Games and life are inseparable in today's world file. Gaming is for everyone.  Rapid adaption sets NYXI apart from the others. When new ideas and demands strike, we dare to jump in and apply some changes to our products. We are committed to creating products that better meet various game console types and meeting the full range of user needs and personalizing their gaming experience.


NOV 15, 2023 - Kevryu | A real scourge on Joy-Cons, the problem is completely resolved on these Hyperion Pros!

It was the first time I used Hall Effect sticks and I must say that the feeling is quite good, slightly more rigid than the usual sticks, however you have a much greater impression of solidity.
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AUGUST 30, 2023 - NINTENDO NEWS | Brought them to the doorstep of Gamecube enthusiasts

Their innovation has even brought them to the doorstep of Gamecube enthusiasts, who can now try Switch titles in the form they know.
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AUG 30, 2023 - tom’s guide | NYXI Wizard Review: As close to the WaveBird 2 as you can get

The NYXI Wizard delivers on something Nintendo Switch fans have wanted since the console’s launch – GameCube style Joy-Cons.
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JUL 7, 2023 - THEBRAG | How the NYXI Hyperion will help evolve your Nintendo Switch

We go hands-on with the new NYXI Hyperion to see just how well it improves handheld gaming on the Nintendo Switch OLED.
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JUN 29, 2023 - THE OUTERHAVE | Is This The Best Gamecube Controller For The Switch?

IMHO, the Best Gamecube-styled controller for the Nintendo Switch, hands down. Of course, I’m not going to say that without backing up my claims, so let’s find out what I liked and what I didn’t about the NYXI Wizard Joy-Pad controller.
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MAY 30, 2023 - Outsider Gaming | Official Product Rating: 5 out of 5

After several days of regular use, there’s no denying the NYXI Wizard is one of the best Nintendo Switch controller options available and among the best in the GameCube style.
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APR 12, 2023 - NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-pad Review

The founder of NYXI, like many of us, is an avid gamer who likes to use different controllers to play games.

APRIL 06, 2023 - Manufacturer Nyxi had seen enough and decided to cast the Joy-Cons in a different yet familiar form: the GameCube controller of yesteryear.

The Nintendo Switch has been an insanely popular console for years, and the hybrid device from the Japanese stable has already received countless controllers, be it from third parties or Nintendo itself.

January 07, 2023 - Gaming Review | NYXI Hyperion Wireless Controller

The NYXI Hyperion, although divisible, offers not only a more professional controller feel, but also programmable RGB lighting as well as macro and turbo functionality.