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ICREWPLAY REVIEW :NYXI Wizard - A Courageous Design Choice But One That Will Make Nostalgics And Others Happy

Nov 25,2023 | nyxigame

The name NYXI is becoming increasingly popular among video game enthusiasts, thanks to a whole series of accessories produced by the same, which in addition to being created with top quality materials, also manage to offer high performance.

Today we talk about the new NYXI Wizard controller, tested in the Spice Orange color, a new controller compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED, which is in all respects not only an excellent controller but also a tribute to the pad of the never-too-appreciated Nintendo Gamecube. A courageous design choice, but one that will make nostalgics and others happy.

Older players like myself remember with great pleasure both the particular ergonomics of the Gamecube joypad and the superlative performances offered in some types of games, especially Smash Bros. The NYXI Wizard follows this ergonomics in every way, even the unusual position of the A, B, X, Y buttons, as well as the rings of the two analog levers, which present the classic segmentations of the original Gamecube pad.

These dials allow the player to “lock” the analog sticks in certain positions (eight angles), for more precise controls in the game sections. But don't worry for those who aren't comfortable with this choice, because NYXI Wizard also thinks of them, thanks to the interchangeable rings already included in the package, which have the traditional circular shape.

NYXI Wizard: A great nostalgic controller

The main peculiarities of this NYXI Wizard are the composition and placement of the buttons on the right Joy-Con, which do not reflect the classic symmetries to which we are accustomed. Always recalling the Joypad of the Nintendo Gamecube, we find the A button in a central position and larger than the others, the B button clearly smaller and moved to the lower part on the left, and the X and Y buttons which, in addition to having the particular shape elongated, are located at the top left and right of the A key.

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This could initially be a cause of confusion for those used to the classic compositions of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, but nothing insurmountable with a little practice. In addition to the classic buttons present in the classic Joypads for the Nintendo hybrid console, NYXI Wizard also offers two buttons positioned on the back that can be easily reached with the end of the middle or ring finger, programmable with two other buttons on the front, and two other buttons to activate and deactivate the various turbo modes.

Being a Joypad for Nintendo Switch, and also looking at the other NYXI productions, it is almost superfluous to say that the Wizard is not composed of a single block, but of two halves plus the central support so that they can be connected directly to the Nintendo console and used in portability.

Precisely in terms of portability, the NYXI Wizard offered excellent performance, both in terms of battery life and the grip which is much more comfortable, firm, and efficient than the original Joy-Con. One thing that we were a little disappointed about was the impossibility of recharging both Joy-Cons of the NYXI Wizard at the same time, obviously if they were disconnected from the charging console. In fact, to recharge them we will have to use two USB type C cables (one present in the package) or charge them in turn. The gem that the A, B, X and Y keys have white backlighting with adjustable intensity is much appreciated.

Summing up the NYXI Wizard

Tested for a long time and on several titles, the new NYXI controller proved to be reliable and with very precise controls even in long gaming sessions. The materials used for its components are truly of excellent workmanship, but nothing new compared to what NYXI has accustomed us to. The appeal to nostalgia is a lot, but the Wizard isn't limited to just that. We have in front of us a highly functional joypad, with two programmable rear buttons as best suited to our gaming sessions, and also different turbo levels.

The composition of the buttons may initially be surprising, but you quickly get the hang of it. Furthermore, tested on some titles, such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, it is difficult to return to traditional joypads.

In portability, the NYXI Wizard is even more comfortable than the original Joy-Cons, offering a firmer and larger grip. Definitely an excellent product that is worth its price, not very different from the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

*Quoted from an article by icrewplay, click to view original text. Learn More