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STUFF Mazagine Review: NYXI Wizard - A Nostalgic yet Modern Gaming Experience

Aug 25,2023 | nyxigame

We're incredibly grateful for STUFF Magazine's endorsement of the NYXI WIZARD.


That's why they recommend the NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-pad.

  • It sports a highly evocative purple colour, while its button layout is just as you remember it.
  • These clickable sticks use Hall-effect sensors, meaning you don't have to worry about drift.
  • NYXI Wizard also has haptics and gyro-aiming.
  • This is actually a pair of controllers - so you can detach them and turn your Switch into a handheld GameCube too.


With all that functionality, it makes for a better ergonomic choice than Hori's Split Pad models (seep44)... and it'll certainly make you stand out even more.