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Start with Gamers, Stay with Gamers

NYXI began with a simple vision where innovative technology can be combined with inspirational design to help people access affordable, durable, and ultra-fashionable game controllers and gaming accessories. 
We are someones who love to innovate, are always on the move, and are crazy about games!
Your needs push us to do more, be more, and make more products that you can use to jazz up your lifestyle.
So, in 2021, we started to fearlessly rock with a range of products that game enthusiasts like you can truly call your own!

Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue innovative technology, comprehensive quality assurance, and excellent customer service to bring gamers the most cost-effective and satisfying gaming accessories in the 21st century.

It All Started With A Gamer

The founder of NYXI, like many of you, is a passionate lover of games. Have to admit that a lot of gamers are also fanatical DIY enthusiasts. He soon discovered the joy in using different controllers to play video games and he found a need for a brand that caters to game lovers like himself. 
Since then he has formed a team full of innovation and a love for games. From there, NYXI was born.
We design products with the aim of enhancing people's gaming experience.  Twenty-four hours a day, in some parts of the world, we are designing, testing, and riding our product. Every action we take can be traced to this single, simple foundation.

Our Brand Concept

Games and life are inseparable in today's world file. Gaming is for everyone. Rapid adaption sets NYXI apart from the others. When new ideas and demands strike, we dare to jump in and apply some changes to our products. We are committed to creating products that better meet various game console types and meeting the full range of user needs and personalizing their gaming experience.