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Free Products Application

Currently, we have approved and granted the Free Products Application qualification to over 1000 individuals worldwide. Through our collaboration, these participants can enjoy our products for free and significantly enhance their Switch gaming experience. Moreover, NYXI continues to attract more users who can also benefit from our high-quality offerings.

As fellow Switch enthusiasts, we truly understand the joy of owning a unique Switch controller. Therefore, we warmly invite all Switch lovers to join our program and share our exceptional products with your relatives and friends through cooperation.

How to Obtain Free Products:

Simply reach out to us via our customer service email at support@nyxigame.com. We will promptly respond and discuss the necessary details with you.

Please take note of the following conditions:

  1. Each user is entitled to a single free trial.
  2. Only new products launched within the past 6 months on our official website are eligible for a free trial.

Actions Required:

  1. Create an unboxing explainer video for NYXI on your YouTube channel.
  2. Share a post on Instagram and Facebook that includes four pictures showcasing different styles of our product as a slide.
  3. Promote NYXI through Instagram stories or Snapchat coverage.
  4. You will need to place an order first, and once we have reviewed the content and verified its eligibility, we will issue a refund.