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Embracing the Speed and Precision: Optical Microswitches in Gaming

Mar 05,2024 | nyxigame

Optical Microswitches

In the heat of battle, where milliseconds can mean the difference between victory and defeat, the lightning-fast response speed of optical microswitches plays a crucial role. With a 0.3mm actuation distance and a rapid zero-delay response time of as fast as 0.2 ms, these switches offer lightning-fast, precise actions, making them perfect for competitive gaming. With a lifespan of up to 10 million clicks, they ensure long-lasting performance.

Working Principle

Optical microswitches are miniature switches that operate based on optical principles, typically using photoelectric sensors to detect the presence or absence of light, thereby controlling the switch's state. When exposed to external light, optical microswitches can activate or deactivate circuits, serving sensing or control purposes.

Enhanced Durability

Due to the absence of mechanical parts in optical microswitch technology, they generally have a longer lifespan than traditional mechanical key switches. Optical microswitches can endure a higher number of keystrokes.  NYXI's optical microswitches boast a lifespan of up to 10 million clicks.

Zero Delay

Compared to mechanical microswitches, optical microswitches are less prone to noise jitter (noise: signal distortion caused by external interference). While conventional mechanical micro switches have response speeds of over 30ms, optical micro switches have virtually zero delay, with response speeds of around 0.2ms.

NYXI Warrior featuring Optical MicroSwitches

NYXI has incorporated optical microswitches into the new NYXI Warrior Wireless Gamecube Controller. Featuring optical microswitches in the D-PAD and A/B/X/Y buttons, it enhances responsiveness, accuracy, and durability. With an actuation distance of just 0.3mm and a response speed of 0.2 ms, zero bounce delay is crucial for games that demand minimal latency, such as FPS and racing games.

Embrace the powerful functionality of optical microswitches and revolutionize your gaming experience today. Explore the differences these switches make in terms of speed, precision, and durability. Elevate your gameplay and immerse yourself in a world where every click brings you closer to victory. Unlock the potential of optical micro switches to continue gaming with newfound confidence and agility.