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The Perfect Blend of Retro NGC Colors and Modern Technology - NYXI Hyperion Pro Purple Style Wireless Joy-Pad

Dec 15,2023 | nyxigame

Since its launch, NYXI Hyperion Pro has garnered widespread acclaim. Building on the success of our Green Edition, we have now integrated the classic Nintendo Gamecube color scheme to create an exceptional gaming experience. Presenting the NYXI HYPERION PRO PURPLE STYLE WIRELESS JOYPAD, featuring a fusion of retro purple and yellow NGC colors along with state-of-the-art Hall Effect joystick technology.

Designed specifically for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED, this Switch Joycon offers an immersive and intuitive gaming experience. The combination of timeless NGC colors and cutting-edge technology makes the NYXI HYPERION PRO WIRELESS JOYPAD a must-have for gaming enthusiasts.

Let's explore the features of this remarkable controller!

  • Modern Technology

The upgraded hall-effect joysticks provide enhanced precision and responsiveness, allowing you to make accurate movements and execute precise maneuvers effortlessly. Say goodbye to imprecise controls and hello to a whole new level of gaming immersion.

  • Ergonomic Design

Comfort is key, and NYXI Hyperion Pro understands that.  Designed with the utmost comfort in mind, this controller boasts a widely recognized ergonomic design. This joy-con offers a comfortable grip that allows for extended gaming sessions without hand fatigue. Your hands will thank you for choosing this premium wireless joypad.

  • Breathing RGB Lights

But that's not all - the NYXI Hyperion Pro also features mesmerizing RGB lighting that breathes life into your gaming experience. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors as the RGB lights pulsate in sync with your gameplay, creating an atmosphere like no other. It's not just a controller; it's a visual spectacle!

  • NYXI Hyperion Pro Joy-Pad Specifications


NYXI Hyperion Pro Joy-Pad







Rechargeable Battery

500 mAh / 6.5 Hours Playtime

Receiving Distance


Charging Time

2 Hours



Wired (Connect to the console)

Upgrade your gaming setup with the NYXI Hyperion Pro Purple Style Wireless JoyPad and embark on an unforgettable gaming journey that combines the best of retro aesthetics and modern technology. Let the vibrant colors and superior performance enhance your gaming experience like never before - order yours today!