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Review for NYXI Chaos Flowing RGB Light Pro Controller

Still Looking for a good alternative of Switch Pro Controller? So you should not miss NYXI New Arrival NYXI Chaos Flowing RGB Light Pro Controller in April! Probably the best 3rd party controller you would buy over an official Switch Pro Controller. Rate Score:10/10   Review Content: Wow, pleasantly surprised! I was in the market […]

Ten Reasons Why NYXI Joycons are the Best

Here is the NYXI Joycons review from the channel @CTA – tech desk. There are 10 reasons why he thinks NYXI joy-cons are still his favourite joy-cons alternative after eight months of use. No. 10 Comfort No. 9 RGB No. 8 Paddles No. 7 Extra Features No. 6 Battery No. 5 USB – C Charging No. 4 Use as […]

[High Tech][Test] NYXI Hyperion Meteor

For months we’ve been hearing rumours and reading reports that Sony was going to be launching some kind of new service. Allegedly codenamed “Spartacus” the new service was heavily speculated to be Sony’s answer

NYXI Carbon One Carrying Case for Wireless Joy-pad/Nintendo Switch

[High Tech][Test] NYXI Pochette de transport pour Nintendo Switch   Après avoir pu tester quelques semaines la manette de chez NYXI, l’Hyperion Meteor. On a eu la chance de recevoir, en même temps que l’Hyperion, une pochette de transport pour Nintendo Switch, très résistante, avec la possibilité de ranger la Switch, ainsi que les Joycons, […]

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