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NYXI Gamecube Switch Controller

The Ultimate Wireless Experience for Nintendo Switch Consoles

Nintendo GameCube Controller Comparision

wireless controllers with hall effect for precise attacks
NYXI Warrior
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nintendo gamecube controller preferred gamepad for play super smash bros
NYXI Wizard
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gamecube's design wireless joycon with motion controls for certain games
NYXI Hyperion Pro
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GameCube, Nintendo Switch Console, Wii, Windows
Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED Model
Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED Model
Bluetooth, 2.4G Wireless Connection, USB-C Wired Connection
Wireless & Wired Connect to console
Wireless & Wired Connect to console
Adjustable Vibration Function
Adjustable Vibration Function
Hall Effect Joystick
Hall Effect Joystick
Hall Effect Joystick
6-Axis Gyro
Works On Nintendo Switch Console
Works On Nintendo Switch
Works On Nintendo Switch
Hall Sensing Analog Triggers
Mechanical Trigger
Breathing RGB Light
Optical Microswitches ABXY And D Pad
Customizable illuminated ABXY Buttons
Super-Comfortable Ergonomics

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gamecube controllers better for Smash?

GameCube controllers are often preferred by competitive Super Smash Bros. The NYXI Wizard wireless controller features a unique d pad layout and is a recommended option for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It features the NYXI Hall Effect Joystick offering a beneficial combination of precise controls and familiarity for Smash gameplay.

Why do people prefer GameCube controllers?

People prefer GameCube controllers for several reasons. One main reason is the comfort and ergonomics of the controller. The larger d pad layout and grip design are comfortable for many players, especially for games that require precise inputs. Due to its compatibility with the game and its long-standing use in tournaments, the GameCube controller has become popular among competitive Super Smash Bros. players.

Does NYXI Gamecube Controller work on Wii u?

No, the NYXI Gamecube Controller is not compatible with the Wii U. It can only be used with the Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED. You can either connect the NYXI JoyCon to the Switch make it a handheld mode or use it as a separate controller via Bluetooth.

How do I charge my NYXI Wizard GameCube Controllers?

NYXI Rechargeable Mid Bridge - The Perfect Solution for Simultaneous Charging!

Specifically designed to cater to the needs of NYXI Wizard Controller users. This innovative accessory connects to your joycons and provides a centralized charging port, allowing you to charge both NYXI Wizard Joycons using just one USB-C cable. No more hassle of dealing with multiple cables!

What is the GameCube C Stick?

C-sticks are the "yellow stick" on the right side of the GameCube controllers. With the smaller C-stick on the GameCube controller, certain game operations can be controlled more precisely. With its different feel and range of motion, it allows for more specialized input than the larger analog stick.

NYXI has returned that nostalgic feel - the GameCube's C-stick to nyxi wizard wireless GameCube controller. Make your own limited edition controllers with NYXI C Stick.

Is NYXI using an analog stick?

No, NYXI controller uses Hall effect joysticks, which differ from standard analog sticks that use resistive sensors to detect movement. The Hall effect joysticks have no physical contact between their moving components. This means they are less prone to wear and tear and do not suffer from joystick drift.