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NYXI is built on a passion for gaming. As our slogan "Start with Gamers, Stay with Gamers", we aim to solve the pain points of our users and meet the needs of gamers with the most innovative technology, thus developing ultra-fashionable and durable products. Like many other gamers, we've experienced joystick drift issues with our game controllers. Like many other gamers, we've experienced joystick drift issues with our game controllers.

We believed there had to be a better way to solve the joystick drift problem, so we officially formed a project team in September 2021, and we decided to develop a Hall sensor that belonged to NYXI.

In the process, we tested a range of possible solutions, such as optical sensors, pressure sensors, capacitive detection, and Hall sensors. For the specific use of the game controller, we considered various factors such as lifetime, cost, quality, productivity, size, and power consumption. 

During the development and testing process, some solutions were gradually excluded due to the above-mentioned conditions. Finally, after thorough testing and evaluation, we determined that the Hall sensor solution was the best choice under the current technical conditions. Later, different solutions were tested for the selection of Hall sensors, including 4 Hall sensors and 2 Hall sensors for single and multiple magnets.

Finally, the 2 Hall sensor solution was adopted due to cost and manufacturability. Again, this is not the end. We must analyze the magnetic lines of force, magnet size, magnetic GS values, Hall sensor sensitivity, sensor motion profile, operating voltage, magnet position, magnet rotation combination, and rotation structure... And so on. 

All this work took a lot of time and investment until the successful application of NYXI WIZARD in January 2023.


The Hall Effect represents a change in voltage that is caused when a magnetic field interferes with electrical flow from a conductor.

Hall Effect joysticks use this principle by having permanent magnets in them that move relative to an electrical conductor. The voltage change that then occurs is converted to positional data to track the joystick’s movements.

Since the components in a Hall Effect joystick never physically touch, the sensors do not wear out as they do on analog joysticks. This means that in theory, Hall Effect joysticks never develop drift in their lifetime. In other words, magnets, how do they work.


Will the Hall joystick not drift at all?

The Hall joystick will not drift after the initial setup is completed.

What's the difference between Hall joystick and normal joystick?

The main difference between Hall joystick and ordinary carbon film rocker is that Hall joystick is non-contact, carbon film rocker is a metal brush on the carbon film has been sliding, the metal and carbon film will wear each other, sliding more times will wear out the carbon powder, carbon powder in the rocker will be irregularly adsorbed to the brush, it will cause contact impedance instability, resulting in drift phenomenon.

Will there be any other problems with the Hall joystick?

Hall joystick in a very strong magnetic field environment will appear external magnetic field on the internal magnetic field of the joystick interference, which will make the joystick deviate from the position and other phenomena, it is recommended that the game away from a strong magnetic field environment.


Which controllers currently use Hall joysticks?