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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Elevate your gaming setup with the NYXIGAME's Switch Pro Controller. Featuring a hall effect joystick, vibrant 8-color LED lights, and motion controls, this controller offers precision control and immersive visuals.
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What is Special About the NYXI Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?

The NYXI Nintendo Switch Pro Controller features a Hall Effect joystick to eliminate drift, 9-color LED ring lights, and adjustable dual vibration for immersive gameplay. It has a wake-up function, four programmable buttons, and motion control with a 6-axis gyro sensor. The adjustable turbo speeds and quick SYNC function enhance convenience. Compatible with all Switch models and ideal for wireless use. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip for long gaming sessions, making it a top choice for serious gamers.

What controller has a Hall effect joystick?

The NYXIGAME Nintendo Switch Pro Controller features a Hall Effect joystick. This technology, developed in collaboration with K-Silver, uses electromagnetic principles to prevent drift, providing a reliable and precise control experience that surpasses many other controllers,

Can I use this controller for PC gaming?

No, the NYXI Nintendo Switch controllers only work with switch/switch oled. If you prefer a wireless switch controller, this controller adapts to your gaming needs.

Is the Switch Pro Controller comfortable for long gaming sessions?

The controller is designed with a comfortable grip, ensuring that you can play for extended periods without discomfort. Its ergonomic design makes it an excellent choice for both handheld mode and traditional gaming setups.